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Asset Reformation has been able to provide programs for the community because of the support that comes from those who have been victims of a broken system. Our aim is to help those who are being branded a criminal because they can not afford to pay the court fees. Going to jail hurts the entire family and damages the belief in a system that values the ability to pay over the freedom needed to pursue opportunities to pay.

Our programs are designed to help reduce the incarceration rate for minor offenses and increase the presents of those who may have committed a traffic violation, but their sentencing may cause more damage due to their absence from their family or the community.

Your donations will help support the alternative efforts we provide to those who have too much to lose going to jail. Want ever you decide to donate, every dollar will help us turn what a legal system calls a criminal, into an Asset that will benefit the community more serving, volunteering and helping others in need. All Asset Organization donations are 501(C) (3) qualified. Your donation receipt will be emailed to you for your tax records.

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